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PREMIUM ADULT CONTENT: Story & Screenplay by Private Media Group


The sun rises a top a white sandy beach. GEMMA STEELE, golden blonde locks shimmering in the sun flowing freely past her waist, wanders down the beach. Stop.  JASON DIAMOND, a god in his own right, rises from the ocean, throws his head back as the waves crash into him. Their eyes meet. Their bodies call out for each other….

From full length feature productions to short vignettes and stills, every great story starts with a great script.  Adult films are no exception to this rule. With a long track record of success in producing and distributing premium adult content, Private Media Group has long been a trailblazer in the production and distribution of adult content. In 1991, the company launched “Private Video Stories” on VHS. This company and industry milestone would be the first, but not the last, in a long history of revolutionizing the way adult content was produced and consumed.

In 2001, Berth Milton had a new vision: Make the best & biggest selling adult movie of all time. Enter “Private Gladiator” which would not only go on to sell more than 350,000 DVDs alone featuring exotic locations and ultra posh sets, it set a new industry standard. Private Media Group raised the bar on premium adult content with the release of this film, yet again, and it would forever change the way adult content was produced.

Private’s track record of success and accolades didn’t stop there. From Sylvia Saint to Tania Russof and Michelle Wild, Private put stars on the adult “walk of fame”, catapulting their careers into a new adult dimension. In 2009, the company received industry accolades across the board for its blockbuster movie “Billionaire” which received four Hot d’Or Awards: Best European Film, Best European Scene, Best Actress (Tarra White) and Best European Performance (Tarra White). The movie was also awarded AVN’s Best Foreign Film award that year.  The film was a spin off the hugely successful Private classic “Millionaire”.

Following in the footsteps of this success, the company continued on producing industry firsts: “Porn Wars”, “Sex City” and “An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco” aimed at the growing female and couples audience from the new Private Independent Line.

Private Media Group owns the global rights to world’s largest library of premium adult content. The library consists of over 2 million images and 1,000 movies with 6 new movie titles released every month. This continually growing content library is in multi languages enabling the company to maximize the reach of its content to local markets. From big blockbuster titles to targeted niche content, Private productions have won over 170 industry awards.