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Every cloud has a silicon lining…

Unless you’ve been living in a vacuum the last two years you must have heard the term cloud computing, but what does it all really mean to you?

According to the blog “What’s on My PC” the technical definition is: “Cloud computing (or a cloudware application) is a hosted service (or software app) that is provided over the Internet. The services (or software app) are hosted on the internet and you take advantage of the hosted services, as a client, through the use of your browser or other application that is installed locally on your PC.”

Tech industry heavy weight, Apple, just announced plans for, no surprise, another “i” to add to their long list of much awaited roll outs: iCloud. However, adult industry global leader, Private Media Group, launched its own cloud storage to consumers two years ago!  As history demostrates, and press will also tell you (CNN: In Tech Porn Quietly Leads the Way) adult is always first to market new digital content distribution solutions with mainstream companies following…not so closely behind…

According to Apple’s press release: “iCloud takes it to the next level. To be able to access your content on the go from the cloud to any device.”  Interesting? I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before…

Since 2009, for Private Media Group and its customers it’s all been about “One content library, all screens”. With the most comprehensive digital distribution platform in the adult industry, consumers can purchase and consume constantly and instantly on any of their devices. Using the customer’s virtual media center (online digital library) which is stored in the company’s cloud, and can be accessed via Private’ leading VOD platformsGamelink and Maleflixxx – the platform has been optimized to work with Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod and the iPad, as well as Android devices.

With Private’s ‘cloud’ the opportunities and options for purchasing and viewing content are possible from any internet enabled device.  Private Media Group’s online retail platforms offer the biggest selection of adult content in the world: – consumers can choose from over 15,000 movies – consumers get access to the world’s biggest selection of gay adult content – consumers get instant access to Private’s extensive library of premium quality content that contains over 1,000 movies

And thanks to Private Media Groups incorporated billing systems consumers can stream, download to own movies and scenes as well as purchase hard goods including DVDs and adult novelties from any of their devices from the globally accessible platform.

For Private partners, adult studios and affiliates worldwide, there is also a white label version of the platform which acts as a one-stop shop, creating more opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell the content to affiliate driven traffic, ensuring greater conversion.

It’s really quite simple. Each consumer owns their content library for their lifetime, allowing them to use the content exactly how they want, now doesn’t that put the adult consumer on cloud 9?!