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TV Everywhere

HALLELUJAH! Shouts heard across the world. Finally the day has come when cable operators no longer hold the consumer hostage. Remember waiting weeks to have your cable installed? Or paying more for the cable bill than your rent? And perhaps worse yet surfing through 900+ channels of programming and still nothing good to watch?

No more. Connected and SmartTVs (just a fancy way of saying how you will connect to Internet TV – directly through your Internet enabled TV or via a box!) – enabling the new mantra: TV Everywhere – are putting the power of the remote control 110% in the hands of us, the once powerless, now merciless, consumer.

Thank you Al Gore, self-proclaimed father of the Internet.

TV Everywhere is well on its way. And the statistics (i) are staggering:

  • Parks Associates reports: Delivery of Internet video to the TV will grow nearly six-fold in the next five years, from $1.2 billion in 2009 to $8.6 billion in 2014.
  • Digital 2 Discs predicts: 350 million Connected TVs set to sell by 2015
  • APP Market TV releases: TV applications to generate a remarkable $1.7 Billion in annual revenue by 2013.
  • In-Stat in a new report on Portable Entertainment Devices Continue to Proliferate: Sales of connected devices, which currently total some 400 million, are seen approaching 600 million units by 2013. WiFi-enabled entertainment device shipments are seen rising to 177.3 million in 2013, the research group says, from 108.8 million in 2009.

It’s a true cultural revolution. According to a new Internet TV report from Research and Markets (i): “The television industry is at the beginning of a generational change which will eventually see a new type of television service – Internet Television – being delivered directly to TV sets in broadband-enabled households around the globe.”

As always, because we know you’re asking, what does this really mean for you? It’s about giving you easy access to the wealth of content available on the Internet. It’s about a more personalized TV experience. It’s all about YOU.

At Private Media Group, the leading provider of premium adult content, we agree – it is all about you, which is why we have the most comprehensive and successful digital media strategy in the adult industry to make our content easily accessible to you across any and all of your connected devices.

Karen Ciulla, Director of Digital Media for Private Media Group commented: “We are continuing with our approach of anytime, anywhere, any device. Our extensive partnerships with leading providers in the market as well as development of our own Private branded services and applications is enabling the successful roll out of this strategy to make our content easily accessible to consumers everywhere.”

Already working with the leading providers of Internet TV, VOD (video-on-demand) and cross platform providers globally including Voddler AB, Free France and leading providers in emerging markets such as Russia, Asia and Germany, Private Media is enabling consumers all over the world to enjoy its extensive library of premium content on connected TVs, set top box players and home theaters, as well as on the move on tablets and smart phones.

Like the new saying goes, it’s TV Everywhere. And at Private Media Group, we are everywhere that you want us to be.

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