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Think Marvel comics. Superhero’s. Wonder Twin powers activate, form of a…tablet!

For years we’ve been hearing about the house of the future. The race for the living room. The gateway to the world. Well it’s finally here except it’s not limited to your living room. Now it fits in your bag and goes wherever you go. Life just got even better. Thank you tech titans of the world.

As reported by GigaOm (i): “More than 25 million iPads have been sold to date and 50 million expected to be sold this year. Tablets are taking our entertainment experience in a new direction, and in the next two to five years, the tablet could serve as your universal remote control. All of which means the future of the digital home is already here.”

The always insightful GigaOm also reports (we love them): “One thing we’re going to see take off in the near future is “follow me” technology, or the ability to begin a show on your TV, leave the house and then pick up where you left off on your tablet.”

And the options are endless. MyLifeScoop reports the TOP 5 DEVICES that are driving our mobile future, enabling the new connected lifestyle. Consumers are armed and well not so dangerous but with pockets full of Superman like technology kryptonite – we’ve come out strong out of the gate in 2011 and are still full steam ahead!

In 2010, Private Media Group launched a new state-of-the-art proprietary mobile platform through its subsidiary, Gamelink, the leading VOD platform in the adult industry. Consumers can now not only instantly stream and consume content from their virtual media center boasting over 15,000 movies – 1 movie, all screens – but the platform has been optimized to work on ALL devices: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, as well as Android devices.

 Gone are the days of being relegated to your living room. By land, sea or air, your content now follows you wherever you go.  Like we said in the beginning, life just got even better!