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Left, Right, Pivot.

In today’s Wiki-world, old terms frequently take on new meanings and, in many cases, new words are created daily. LOL. OMG. It’s official – Webster now also agrees.

Take the term pivot for instance. By proper definition to pivot or the action of pivoting; especially : the action in basketball of stepping with one foot while keeping the other foot at its point of contact with the floor. (Source: Webster)

In today’s business world, however, and most often in reference to start ups (i), to pivot their product and / or business model a few times and the right pivot at the right time can determine success or failure of an early-stage company.

Industry pundits abound agree (ii) Silicon Valley culture is built around great pivots — a sudden shift in strategy that turns a mediocre idea into a billion-dollar company.”

Pivoting, however, is no longer synonymous just with start ups. The changing business landscape across the globe has mandated that organizations be more: Nimble. Scrappy. In essence, companies must be flexible enough to “pivot” on a moment’s notice in order to meet consumer demand for where, when & HOW we like it. As an everyday “Joe consumer,” admittedly it’s nice to be in the driver’s seat!

We live in a 24/7, always-on world. As consumers rarely do we disconnect which only means that we have set a new precedent for the relationship we expect with our providers – no matter who or what brand where we are spending our hard earned money.

The adult entertainment business is experiencing a number of pivots. The shift from traditional media to digital platforms – for all media publishing companies, in fact – has been a glass half empty, half full phenomenon.

Glass half full: Reaching critical mass in a matter of seconds – easy. 

Glass half empty:  Managing consumption of proprietary branded content – work in progress.

What does that mean? You guessed it. It’s time to pivot.

Long heralded as one of the great industry pioneers of the past four decades (Xbiz) ,Berth Milton Jr., the CEO and Chairman of Private Media Group, is doing exactly what the men at the helm of Apple & Google had to do to “reboot”. He is pivoting Private and, in turn, the adult industry overall. The time is now to take a closer look at how adult does business.

In 2010, Google’s Larry Paige returned to the helm of this once tiny start up located in Silicon Valley (International Business Times) . The goal for this decision was clear. Back to simpler times for this now tech giant. He flattened the organization, brought Google back to its nimble roots.

Just down the road from Google in Cupertino, arrive at Apple headquarters and Steve Jobs (CNET) . If you can believe that not so long ago Apple was close to extinction. I mean, what would we do without our iPhone? iPod? iPad? Thank you iSteve.

Private Media Group has long been the “apple” of the adult world’s eye. From award winning movies to linear and digital distribution platforms that set new industry standards for all others to come, the company led once again by Berth Milton, Jr. is setting new firsts in 2011. From brand expansions into hotels, casinos (www.privatecasino.comand soon to be announced other exciting premium lifestyle ventures – Berth and Private are going where no others have gone before.

So put on your dancing shoes because away we go – left, right, pivot.