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You gotta have a V-O-D if you want to be with me.

According to Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) (1):

  • Subscription services like Netflix and kiosk rentals from Redbox were bright spots for the big Hollywood studios.
  • Consumer spending on subscription video services — including DVD-by-mail and streaming video-on-demand (VOD) — grew more than 24 percent to $808.2 million.
  • Revenues from kiosk rentals were up 36.7 percent to $403.7 million. That growth offset declines in brick-and-mortar DVD and Blu-ray rentals, which together dropped 29 percent in the quarter, to $393 million.
  • Altogether, the rental market excluding electronic VOD sales was up 14.7 percent to $1.6 billion in the second quarter.

Translation: We love our V-O-D. I mean, really what’s not to love…

Private Media Group, the worldwide leader of premium adult content, understands this growing consumer consumption trend. From Europe to the U.S. and now in Asia, Private is now in more than 90 countries and 7 languages.

In 2010, Private acquired GameLink, the 3rd largest global adult VOD site and Sureflix, the worldwide leader in gay adult content, to expand into the highly lucrative gay market. Combining three powerhouses –,, and – Private’s online content distribution network which is integrated into the affiliate industry standard NATS system via the company’s affiliate program ( has set a new industry standard for content distribution and consumption.

Private’s unparalleled state-of-the art viewing technologies for user enhanced and quicker viewing, industry leading meta data technologies enabling superior consumer search options, regular website tweaks to maximize revenue opportunities and online marketing campaigns to grow market share, further underscores the company’s rapidly expanding and highly successful diversified digital media strategy.

Through the company’s visionary leadership in Berth Milton, CEO of Private Media Group, whose business acumen and extensive industry relationships, the company has also strategically aligned itself with leading VOD and IPTV category leaders on all connected devices – connected TVs, set top box players and home theaters, as well as on the move tablets and smart phones – to deliver content directly to you, the consumer, where and whenever you want to tune in!

The growing list of partners throughout the world includes:  Voddler Group AB, Scandinavia’s answer to NetFlix, FREE France, the leading online entertainment Media Service in Russia, the leading European VOD provider in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and a new global cross-platform provider in Switzerland.

Through these strategic partnerships, Private continues to capitalize and deliver on its leadership position in the digital arena of adult entertainment.